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January 4th, 1970 - Their love is so screwed up! — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Amy/Donna shippers

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January 4th, 1970

when one act of kindness could be deadly [Jan. 4th, 1970|12:23 am]
Amy/Donna shippers


[Current Music |walking after you - foo fighters]

title: when one act of kindness could be deadly (challenge #28: uber challenge! featuring addiction, aimee mann, it’s just a photograph)
author: emily’s list
rating: r
pairing: amy/donna, josh/donna
characters: amy, donna
category: angst!
summary: walking on walking on broken glass. -annie lennox.
author’s note: ok i must confess something. i once read a drabble postulating that amy had a drinking problem. and i enjoyed that theory, and i stole it. i wish i could credit the individual...

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